Why Cloth Diaper?

After decades and decades of increasing usage of disposable diapers, cloth diapers are finally making a comeback. Why cloth diaper? Why now, when disposables are slimmer than ever? Here are the most common reasons that parents around the world are ditching disposables and switching to cloth.

1. Big Savings

MoneyWithout question, this is the top reason most people start looking into cloth diapering. Why spend thousands of dollars on garbage if you don’t have to? Nailing down exactly how much you save is a daunting task – the amount of variables can make your head spin! How often you change your baby, what brand of disposables you would have purchased, whether you would have bought disposables in bulk or used coupons, at what age your baby potty trains, what brand of cloth diapers you buy, whether you use your cloth diapers on more than one baby, whether you resell your cloth diapers once you no longer need them, and other factors can all affect how much you can save with cloth diapers. However, if you care for your cloth diapers properly and don’t become a cloth diaper hoarder, you WILL save significant amounts of money in comparison to using disposables. There are plenty of cloth diaper savings calculations out there if you want to get into the nitty gritty for yourself, such as what this extensive analysis via Squawkfox.

2. Cuteness

Bicycle PrintBabies are precious, and it’s fun to dress them up in darling little clothes. Naturally, then, cloth diapers become yet another fun outlet for accessorizing your little one. Forget the old days when cloth diapers meant a white prefold and clear plastic pants. You can find modern cloth diapers in every color of the rainbow and more cute prints than you can possibly fathom. (Of course, if your main goal in using cloth diapers is to save money, be on your guard! Many a mommy has obsessively purchased far more cloth diapers than are actually needed due to the power of the cuteness factor.)

3. Better for Our Environment

Earthy recycle image squareNo one really knows how long it will take disposable diapers to decompose, but most estimates indicate 400 to 500 years. Madehow.com explains that disposable diapers contain wood pulp, super-absorbent polymers (“SAP”), nonwovens (fabric-like plastics), and other components such as elastic threads, hot melt adhesives, strips of tape or other closures, and inks. Because these materials have only been in use for the past few decades, scientists can’t say with certainty what their impact will be on our environment in the long run.

Another cause for concern is the fact that most disposable diapers are thrown away with solid matter wrapped up inside them, in spite of the fact that disposable diaper manufacturers clearly indicate it should be flushed.

4. Comfortable for Baby

Bummis tiny babyCloth diapers are soft and breathable, and they are available in a wide array of materials to fit your preferences and your baby’s unique needs. Plus, cloth diapers are the ultimate “free & clear” diapers with no chemicals, fragrances, or dyes. Your baby will be wearing a diaper 24/7 for approximately two to three years – let it be a soft, comfortable one!


And now you know why cloth diapers are today’s hot trend! (For a a balanced perspective, you should also read my blog post on the top 10 reasons not to use cloth diapers... tongue in cheek, of course.) If you’re still interested in learning about cloth diapers, read about the different types of modern cloth diaper systems to choose from.