A Pro-Vaxxer and an Anti-Vaxxer Get Together for a Playdate… You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next

Today┬ámy friend Melissa (who owns qdSpray) came over for a play date. One of us vaccinates her┬ákids, the other does not. So you’re not gonna believe how insane this play date turned out.

First of all, there were choo choos. That was really important. Lots and lots of choo choos.


Yes, there was some hitting, but that’s to be expected when two three-year-olds, a two-year-old, and a one-year-old co-mingle. Mostly we were all smiles.

Just havin fun with our qdfriends!! #EndtheMommyWars

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Then we ate a two-course meal of chicken nuggets and mac-and-cheese.

Finally, there was coloring. I think the baby may have tasted some crayons – big shocker there.


What? You were expecting drama?

Sorry, none of that here.