Seriously, Ask Me If I’m Pregnant.

What is the deal with everyone being terrified of sticking their foot in their mouth when it comes to pregnancy? It seems like this funny graphic is everywhere on the internet.

When is it ok to ask a woman if she is pregnant
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Every woman’s body is different. Some women are sporting a cute little bump before the test stick is even dry. Some get the tell-tale belly button pop-out. And then there’s me. I tend to show later than most.

At 22 weeks into my first pregnancy, not really showing much at all, I asked my doctor if I was normal (loaded question, I know). She responded, “Oh yes! You just have good childbearin’ hips that hide the baby well.”

I’m still not sure how I feel about that comment on my anatomy.

I live in the south where you make pleasant small talk with strangers standing near you. It’s just what people do. We’re friendly. You discuss the weather, compliment their shoes, or point out that they dropped something on the floor (well, that’s an entirely different story).

But for the first eight months of my first pregnancy, I was sorely disappointed that no one would ask if I was pregnant. There I was, all aglow with the anticipation of a new baby, but no one would ask me about it. I promise I’m not an attention-seeker; I’m actually pretty shy around people I don’t know. I just wanted to share my excitement.


Right now, 18 weeks into my second pregnancy, I’m still in that awkward stage where people probably assume that the extra weight in my midsection means I’ve just totally surrendered myself to the deliciousness of Lindor truffles.  I’m still waiting for my tummy to morph itself into a real-looking bump. I’m longing for the day when it will be totally obvious that I’m pregnant – I don’t even care about the stretch marks.

But seriously, I wish people would be more willing to ask about it. Unlike most times in my life, I actually find myself wanting to gush to a complete stranger about something. For the love of babies, when will someone just go ahead and ask me if I’m pregnant?!

Then again, I’ve never been asked if I was pregnant when I wasn’t. That could certainly cause me do a complete 180 on this subject. How do you feel about asking a woman if she’s pregnant?