Earth Mama Angel Baby Helps Celebrate the Diaper Wrecker Debut!

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Remember how bad Desitin is for cloth diapers? Turns out it’s also not so great for baby, either. Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Bottom Balm is gentle, all-natural, and won’t cause cloth diapers to repel.

And remember how you can make your own baby wipe solution with other ingredients you already have? Earth Mama Angel Baby’s calming lavender shampoo would make your wipe solution smell amazing!

What if I told you you could win these things? It’s true. Earth Mama Angel Baby is generously giving away three awesome prize bundles, each one with an adorable reusable tote bag, to celebrate the launch of Diaper Wrecker!

The wonderful thing about Earth Mama Angel Baby is that their products are as safe as mama’s arms, made with certified organic ingredients – no toxins EVER! – and truly honest labels. While Johnson & Johnson is dilly-dallying around, promising to remove carcinogenic chemicals and other harmful substances from baby products by the year 2015, Earth Mama Angel Baby has always been committed to doing things the right way, holding themselves to the highest standards of product safety. Every Earth Mama Angel Baby product is made with only pure, natural, worry-free ingredients. It’s time to experience this goodness for yourself!

Ready… Set… Enter!

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