Fun with Boingos

If you’ve ever had someone question your sanity when they discovered that you use (or plan to use) cloth diapers, it’s highly likely that they harken from ye olden days when cloth diapering required pins.

no more diaper pins

If you’re reading this blog you probably realize that modern cloth diapers have come a looooong way since diaper pins. Of course, you’ve got your Velcro and your snap closures, but you can also still use really basic, inexpensive diapers like flats and prefolds without needing pins.

Enter Boingo.

boingo diaper fastener

They’re stretchy. They’re grippy. They’re cute and colorful. And they do an awesome, pinless job at keeping a prefold or a flat diaper fastened securely on baby.

baby wearing boingo

(Pardon the lack of a real baby in the above photo. The real baby in my house wasn’t too keen on staying still enough to have his picture taken properly. Fake Baby FTW!)

Not only are Boingo fasteners totally adorable, but they’ve got a lot of uses besides just cloth diapering.

Sprained your ankle? Forget those ugly metal Ace bandage fasteners. Give your wound some bling with a Boingo!

boingo ace bandage

Need a little something extra for your hairdo? There’s a Boingo for that. (Not that my niece isn’t so stinking cute without any accessories whatsoever, but I must say she totally rocked the Boingo-as-a-hair-accessory look.)

boingo in hair

And I’m sure that you creative ladies could probably figure out tons of other uses for a Boingo long after your baby’s diapering days are done. To win some Boingos of your own, enter the giveaway below!