How to Pack a Diaper Bag Like a Pro

Are you the type of mom who tries to pack an item for every conceivable (and not-so-conceivable) outcome for your two-hour errand? An extra change of clothes. Sweater. Snacks. Drinks. Nursing cover. Burp cloth. Bibs. Backup bibs. Wipes. Pacifiers. Toys. And of course, diapers. Sigh. Cloth diapers do take up more precious diaper bag space than disposables.

It can drive a mama crazy, y’all.

Now that I have two kids I’ve really tried to become a minimalist when it comes to the diaper bag. Gone are the days of packing every little thing I could possibly need, because, ironically, that actually makes it hard to find the one thing I really do need at the moment I need it.

It’s all about finding the products that are the most versatile and useful for the amount of space they take up.

cloth diaper bag essentials

So what’s in your diaper bag?

all in two diapers flat diapers cloth wipes wet bags Image Map