Cloth Diapers in Daycare in Canada

Last week, I published an article sharing advice on using cloth diapers in daycare. Since there’s a lot of misinformation out there about what is allowed by law (a lot of it spread by the daycares themselves), I included links to the daycare regulations for each state in the US. I hope that this information has been helpful to families who are trying to find daycare providers that will accept cloth diapers.

And to my Canadian friends: I have not forgotten you! Below you will find the results of my research on the use of cloth diapers in daycare in Canada.

Excellent news! Not a single province or territory in Canada disallows or restricts the use of cloth diapers in daycare.

Cloth diapers in daycare in Canada

Three provinces specifically mention cloth diapers as acceptable: New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Saskatchewan. They all get props for that, but at the same time, I had to chuckle because they all talked about the proper use of diaper pins! (For example: “If safety pins have been used to fasten the diaper, close them and put them out of the child’s reach. Never put the pins in your mouth.”)

Get with the program, government people. Diaper pins are so two generations ago.


Regulations for Daycares in Canada

Click on any link to view the current regulations for daycares. Please note that I have only included a link to the group daycare regulations, which are generally more stringent than those for in-home daycares. Once you have opened the document, hit CTRL+F and search for the word “diaper” to quickly find the pertinent section(s).

I hope that you find this information useful. I’m not Canadian, so if I’ve missed anything obvious or important about the use of cloth diapers in daycare in Canada, please leave me a comment below! 

Cloth Diapers in Daycare (USA)

I hear from many frustrated parents (or expectant parents) who have started researching child care options and want to use cloth diapers in daycare. Time and again, parents are told, “Sorry, but the state doesn’t allow us to do that.”

That’s usually a load of crap.

In fact, only four states (plus the District of Columbia) place restrictions on the use of cloth diapers in daycare. Even so, those statutes still provide an exception if a child needs to use cloth diapers in daycare for medical reasons.

Cloth Diapers in Daycare in the US pie chart

Getting Approval for Cloth Diapers in Daycare

Let’s assume that you live in a place where your state is cool with cloth diapers in daycare. Of course, even then, individual facilities can still decide not to accept them. However, with some advance preparation and a little sweet talking, you just might be able to get the go-ahead for using cloth diapers in daycare.

Here’s are five tips for approaching the topic once you’ve found a place that you really like.

  1. Don’t ask over the phone or by email. Once you’ve determined that this place is a great fit otherwise, bring it the subject of cloth diapers in person with the decision-maker.
  2. Be sweet and enthusiastic! If you’re argumentative from the start, they’re going to label you as one of THOSE PARENTS that they really don’t want to deal with anyway.
  3. Bring an adorable cloth diaper with you to show off. Pick your easiest diaper! A hook & loop AIO (or pre-stuffed pocket diaper) is probably best. If you bring in prefolds, pins, and covers with a million snaps, you’ll probably be laughed off the premises.
  4. Bring a list of other daycares that do accept cloth diapers, even if you’re not at all interested in those facilities. Ah, the power of peer pressure!
  5. Come prepared with a copy of your state statute just in case you’re given false excuses about state requirements. (Keep reading – I’ll give you links to every state’s current regulations!) If they insist on blaming regulations that don’t exist, then mark that place off your list anyway. If they’re willing to lie about this small issue, what else would they hide from you?

Regulations on Cloth Diapers in Daycare by State

Regulations by State

Now, for my grand finale, I present to you the links to the regulations for each state (and the District of Columbia) regarding diapers in daycare. Aren’t you just salivating over the wealth of information?

Click on the name of any state to view the current regulations for daycares. Please note that most states have different standards for group daycares versus home-based daycares; I have only included a link to the group daycare regulations, which are generally more stringent.

Once you’re in the document for your state, hit CTRL+F and search for the word “diaper” (for states noted as “specifically permitted”, it will be quicker to search for “cloth diaper”). In the states where I’ve noted a status of “not disallowed”, you won’t find anything for or against cloth diapers – you’ll only see general rules regarding the placement of diaper-changing stations, requirements for handwashing after diaper changes, et cetera.

Does your child wear cloth diapers in daycare? Did you have to jump through hoops to make that happen?