Cloth Diaper Grammar

I’m a grammar nerd. I can’t help myself. In the ninth grade I won a gold medal for some grammar test we took in my English class, and I was way proud of that bling.

(And hey, I’m not perfect, but when I do find grammar or spelling errors on my blog, I experience almost the same level of embarrassment as when I accidentally dropped my underwear on the floor at Starbucks.)

Welcome to today’s lesson on parts of speech.

cloth diaper grammar

cloth diaper



  • An adorable piece of fabric material wrapped around a baby’s bottom, providing both function and fashion to the tiny wearer.
  • “I am addicted to cloth diapers.”


  • To put a cloth diaper on a baby.
  • “Before I even got pregnant, I knew I was going to cloth diaper my baby.”


  • One who uses (and possibly obsesses over) cloth diapers.
  • “I just read a really a strange blog post about grammar from that cloth diaper weirdo.”

How to Sell Used Cloth Diapers

One of the often-overlooked financial benefits of cloth diapers is that you can sell used cloth diapers and get a good portion of your money back for them! Perhaps you have some diapers that no longer fit your baby right, or your little one is potty training, or you just went freaking crazy and bought way more diapers than you actually needed and now you’re coming to your senses.

Ways to Sell Used Cloth Diapers Locally

Selling locally is often the easiest and most efficient way to offload used cloth diapers that you no longer need. You don’t have to bother with shipping – score! It’s easiest to sell used cloth diapers locally if you can find an established group of cloth diapering moms. You typically won’t have as much luck at regular consignment sales or on Craigslist – although it wouldn’t hurt to try those methods, either.

If you have a local cloth diaper store, they may offer a consignment option where you can get rid of your unwanted cloth diapers with minimal effort. At my own store, we host periodic consignment events. Sellers earn 80% of the final selling price if they want store credit or 70% if they want to be paid in cash.

Check Facebook to see if there is a cloth diaper group specific to your local area. There are tons of large local cloth diaper discussion groups on Facebook – Chicago, Kansas CityMemphis, San Antonio, Central Iowa, and Nova Scotia to name a few. If you can’t find a group for your area, you should consider starting one! Not only is it a great way to sell used cloth diapers, but it’s also a place where you can compare notes on cloth-diaper-friendly daycare providers, ask for laundry advice, and even organize get-togethers with like-minded moms.

Ways to Sell Used Cloth Diapers Online

If you feel a bit disappointed that your local options for selling cloth diapers are limited, then buckle up. Prepare to be overwhelmed with the number of ways to sell used cloth diapers online! I won’t provide an exhaustive list, but these options are some of the most popular ways to sell your used cloth diapers online.


  1. – an online California-based cloth diaper store specializing in gently used diapers. You can send photos and descriptions of the diapers you’d like to sell, and they will provide you an offer. Once they receive your diapers, you will be paid via PayPal.
  2. – a site offering free listings for used cloth diapers in the US and Canada. The site does not operate as a payment clearinghouse; payments must be agreed to and arranged between buyer and seller, typically via PayPal.
  3. Buy/Sell/Trade (“BST”) groups – You can find a multitude of Facebook groups that serve as platforms for selling diapers of a certain brands (check out groups for GroVia, Sloomb, AppleCheeks, Goodmama, and Ragababe). BST groups can be particularly helpful if you are trying to sell a diaper of a lesser-known brand that has an obsessive following. They can also help you get top price for limited edition and/or retired cloth diapers, often referred to as hard-to-finds (“HTFs”). Most groups are private, and some require that you temporarily friend an admin to prove that you aren’t a spammer.
  4. – Organized as an online discussion forum, DiaperSwappers has over 30 topic-based forums and even more sub-forums, many of which exist specifically for selling cloth diapers of certain types (for example, there are separate places to post pockets, hybrids, or wool). Registering on DiaperSwappers is free, but before you can post goods for sale, you must be registered at least 15 days, post at least 30 times in the discussion forums, and have a verified PayPal account.

Selling Etiquette

First and most importantly, be completely honest! Always disclose any and all defects upfront. Offer to provide photos of any problem areas of the diaper.

Secondly, speak the language. Using the right cloth diaper lingo helps buyers trust you.


Used cloth diapers are categorized by condition; you can use these terms along with your full description of the item. Typical abbreviations include:

  • NWT – “New with Tags” – an unused, unwashed item with tags.
  • LN – “Like New” – only used once or twice, or washed but never used.
  • EUC – “Excellent Used Condition” – No stains, strong elastic, strong/non-pilly hook & loop closure, perfect snaps, and perfect lamination. These diapers are difficult to tell apart for a new diaper and are perfectly functional.
  • VGUC – “Very Good Used Condition” – Barely noticeable stains, strong elastic, sticky hook & loop closures, perfect snaps, very good lamination. You can tell that these diapers have been worn, but they are still in very good shape.
  • GUC – “Good Used Condition” – May have obvious stains and slightly relaxed elastic. Hook & loop closures may be showing a bit of wear. The lamination should still be fully functional. It’s very clear that these diapers have been used, but they still have some life left in them and don’t need immediate repairs!
  • UC – “Used Condition” – This is a diaper that might need repairs like tomorrow, but for today, it still works for its intended purpose!

Lastly, if you’re selling to another individual online, help them trust that you’re not a scammer.

  • Communicate regularly and respond to questions promptly.
  • If you use PayPal to request money, request payment for “goods” instead of “services”. You will incur a fee for this, but it protects the buyer, and you don’t want them to be suspicious of you.
  • When you ship, always use a trackable method. In the US, you can print first-class shipping labels (for items weighing 13 ounces or less) with tracking numbers from

How to Get the Best Price for Used Cloth Diapers

To get the best possible price for your used diapers, think like a marketer! I’m always amazed at people who ignore common-sense ideas such as:

  1. Try your best to remove stains before taking photos.
  2. Take the time to set up for great photos. Use natural light and a plain background.
  3. Write a thorough description that justifies your asking price.
  4. Use a photo editor (such as PicMonkey – it’s free) to overlay text onto your photos.

Once you have a good-looking photo with an honest and thorough description, decide on your asking price. I recommend the following general pricing guide, but you should also check around to see what similar diapers in similar condition are selling for.

  • NWT – 90% of retail price
  • LN – 80% of retail price
  • EUC – 70% of retail price
  • VGUC – 50-60% of retail price
  • GUC – less than 50% of retail price
  • UC – whatever you can get!

Make it clear whether your prices include shipping or not. If your asking price does include shipping, append the letters “PPD” (“postage paid & delivered”). Before you publish your asking price, investigate any PayPal fees you may incur so you can build those into your price if necessary.

Finally, consider offering a discount for anyone who takes the whole lot, and quote a discounted price for everything. Selling everything together will save you a lot of time and hassle!


What’s your preferred method for selling used cloth diapers? If you notice any pro tips that I have missed, leave a comment!