A Pro-Vaxxer and an Anti-Vaxxer Get Together for a Playdate… You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next

Today my friend Melissa (who owns qdSpray) came over for a play date. One of us vaccinates her kids, the other does not. So you’re not gonna believe how insane this play date turned out.

First of all, there were choo choos. That was really important. Lots and lots of choo choos.


Yes, there was some hitting, but that’s to be expected when two three-year-olds, a two-year-old, and a one-year-old co-mingle. Mostly we were all smiles.

Just havin fun with our qdfriends!! #EndtheMommyWars

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Then we ate a two-course meal of chicken nuggets and mac-and-cheese.

Finally, there was coloring. I think the baby may have tasted some crayons – big shocker there.


What? You were expecting drama?

Sorry, none of that here.


GroVia vs Best Bottom All-in-Twos

GroVia vs Best Bottom

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of all-in-two diapers. AI2s are more affordable, take up less space, and generate less diaper laundry than all-in-ones (AIOs) or pocket diapers. Most of my personal cloth diaper stash is made up of AI2 diapers. In this post I’ll compare two popular brands: GroVia and Best Bottom Diapers.

Overall, the GroVia and Best Bottom AI2s are quite similar. Both have rise snaps to make the shell adjustable to fit from infant to toddler; both have both stay-dry and natural fiber inserts. They are priced similarly and are both high-quality diaper systems. When considering GroVia vs Best Bottom, here are a few points to consider:

FeatureGroViaBest Bottom
Shell FeaturesSnap or H&LSnap or H&L
Mesh inner is soft against baby's skinLaminated inner can be wiped clean
Crossover tabsCrossover tabs
No extra leg gussetExtra leg gusset
Three rise settingsFour rise settings
$16.95 each$16.95 each
Insert FeaturesOne-size insert fits in the shell regardless of rise setting; insert has elasticized gussets on sides and is backed with TPU.Inserts come in small, medium, and large sizes, which correspond to the rise setting of the shell.
Stay-Dry InsertsCotton/hemp topped with fleece. Sold as a two-pack for $17.95.Microfiber topped with fleece; Sold as singles for $3.95.
Natural Fiber InsertsOrganic cotton; two for $18.95Cotton/hemp blend; $5.95 each
Hybrid (Disposable) InsertYesNo
Made InChinaUSA
WarrantyOne year60 days
Best Bottom vs GroVia

Inserts (top to bottom) – GroVia stay-dry, GroVia organic cotton, Best Bottom hemp, and Best Bottom stay-dry

Although the GroVia inserts are individually more expensive than the Best Bottom inserts, they are actually less expensive overall when you consider the fact that you will have to buy Best Bottom inserts in multiple sizes:

  • Price of four GroVia stay-dry inserts (2 x $17.95) = $35.90
  • Price of four Best Bottom stay-dry inserts in each size (4 x $3.95 x 3) = $47.40
  • Price of four GroVia organic cotton inserts (2 x $18.95) = $37.90
  • Price of four Best Bottom cotton/hemp inserts in each size (4 x $5.95 x 3) = $71.40

Overall, these are both awesome diapering systems. I personally find that GroVia fits my toddler better around the waist, but Best Bottom does make waist extender tabs to allow the diaper to fit much longer.

Which AI2 system do you prefer – Best Bottom or GroVia? Cast your vote below and elaborate in the comments!
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The Cloth Diaper Need Curve

how many cloth diapers do I need

I call this the “Cloth Diaper Need Curve”. It’s a mathematical phenomenon. No matter how many you have, you always need one or two more.

Problems Only Cloth Diapering Moms Understand

Ah, the cloth diaper addiction. At first it’s total bliss. You start building your stash and bask in the cuteness. Then life happens and you realize that you have special problems that other people just can’t relate to.

But it’s okay – you’re not alone.

1. Your baby’s favorite foods are blueberries and beets. It’s cute and all, but you know stain-removing frenzy mode is coming.

Is #thewalkingdead hiring for baby zombie extras? This little one just discovered that beets are delectable.

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2. The postal service just changed your mail carrier’s route, making your fluff-mail waiting period longer and more agonizing than before.

I'm waiting

3. You found a new house you love, and it comes with a gorgeous new washer and dryer set. High efficiency, of course.


3. You splurged on some adorable winter cloth diaper prints, and now you’ve gotta figure out creative ways to keep baby warm while still showing off the diaper.

'Tis the season to be Ollie – fa lala lala, lala la la

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5. You share a PayPal account with your husband. At some point he’s going to catch on that you’re no longer “saving money”.

cloth diaper addiction

Winter Cloth Diaper Prints

It’s a shame that winter-themed cloth diaper prints are hard to show off. There’s that pesky problem of having to be a good parent and put pants on your baby in cold weather and such.

This season we’ve seen a number of adorable holiday and winter cloth diaper prints – some just recently released. Let’s hear your thoughts on which print is the cutest! Voting ends December 31!

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