SnoofyBee Clean Hands Changing Pad Review

Cute review of the new changing pad that keeps your baby's hands out of the danger zone...

Changing a toddler’s diaper can be… challenging. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, Crappy Pictures has a brilliant post that pretty well portrays why it can be so trying. Most parents have had at least one of those diaper changes. You know, the one where it was a little messy to begin with, but your child happens to be in the hands-in-the-poop and/or alligator death roll stage. The washing machine gets an extra workout, and your walls may be getting scrubbed down more often than usual.

SnoofyBee to the rescue!

Ok, so cynics will call this a Cone of Shame for your diapered child. But this nifty little piece of gear was designed to keep baby’s hands clean while you are handling their messy situation. It is wipeable and waterproof, and folds up to be very transportable. I am currently diapering three children, two of which are… in the stage of interference, for lack of a better term. I have used the SnoofyBee at home and in public. Here’s what you need to know about it.

CheckmarkDoes its job: I’m happy to report that we have not had any hands-in-poop incidents while using the SnoofyBee changing pad! Considering that this is the purpose of the device, I’d say that counts as a major pro.

CheckmarkWell-made: It is hard to decide whether or not to buy a product when you can’t get your hands on it to ensure that it has been manufactured with quality materials. The SnoofyBee is made with a cute, gender neutral fabric, and is nice and sturdy.

CheckmarkTransportable: Folds up easily and compactly, making it easy to tuck into a diaper bag. You can even fold your diapering essentials into it for quick trips! (More on this in a moment.) The portion where baby’s head goes is cushioned, which means that you can even change diapers on hard surfaces and not worry about your little one being too uncomfortable.

CheckmarkEasy to use: Full disclosure: I did unfold this product and panic for a moment. You know that first time you completely unfolded a road map and then wondered how in the world it was so tiny and perfect before you started? SnoofyBee’s website has an instructional video about how to use the changing pad, including folding it back up to its former glory. (I am a step-by-step instructions follower and have suggested they include an insert with the product, but this is not a deal breaker!  If you are reading this blog post, you have access to the internet and can figure it out.) After you have done it once or twice, it is easy as pie!

CheckmarkDaddy approved! Not only was my husband able to figure out how to use it without any instructions, (I guess he’s smarter than I am…) he loved it, and gave his seal of approval. He actually thought that it made the diaper change in public much easier.


Here are the things you may want to keep in mind.

Learning curve

It takes a little bit of getting used to for your baby. As most parents of children in the stage of interference are accustomed to doing, it is helpful to offer a toy or something to distract baby. My baby girl gets frustrated with diaper changes in general. I chock this up entirely to personality, but while using the SnoofyBee I have to ensure that I am making her feel very included and/or distracted. It could be a game of peek-a-boo, Itsy Bitsy Spider, or just a toy that she has forgotten about, but she will do an angry alligator death roll if I don’t do one or all of those things. Introducing the SnoofyBee sooner may help a little bit with this frustration, because baby will be more used to it. (She just turned 1.) None of those things are difficult to do, and are worth it to keep her feeling comfortable, as well as keeping her hands (and consequently, everything else), clean.


I was initially concerned about the machine washability of this product, because it did not come with washing instructions. I emailed SnoofyBee and got a very prompt response about it. I was initially told that while it is really made to be spot cleaned, it can be washed on delicate and air dried. I received a follow up response to clarify:

“The changing pad is made so that you won’t have to add one more thing to the laundry but it does hold up well if you wash in a washing machine on delicate and then lay it out to dry.”  -Michael Perry, SnoofyBee

The SnoofyBee is easily wipeable, however if you are one of those throw-everything-into-the-washing-machine-for-good-measure types, or a big time germophobe, this may be something to keep in mind. I am not saying that it would not hold up. In my opinion, I think it would be okay as long as you really are careful to wash it gently, by itself. (It functions with a lot of hook and loop tape, so you really wouldn’t want anything else in there anyway.) Personally, I am good with a simple wipe down in between changes, unless something REALLY BAD happens. But it is good to know that it can be tossed into the washing machine if/when that happens.

Diaper clutch function

Lastly, one of the selling points of the SnoofyBee is that diapering essentials can be folded into the changing pad and transported with you, functioning as a diaper clutch. Of course, it is important to note that this functionality is somewhat limited with cloth. We all know that cloth is bulky, and lots of us have had to work at finding the diaper bag setup that really works for us, because there is just more involved! Cloth requires a few more accessories than simply a diaper and a pack of wipes, such as wet bags, snappis, and possibly even cloth wipes and solution, depending on your style. I took a couple of photos of what the SnoofyBee looks like with what I would personally feel comfortable leaving the house with for a quick 1-2 hour trip, and then compared it to what it looks like with disposables, as well as the changing pad alone.

A quick peek at how the SnoofyBee works as a diaper clutch for cloth diapers vs. disposables.

Top: one AI2 diaper, a small wet bag, and a package of disposable wipes. I was really pushing it to the limits. As you can see, it is fairly bulky and barely fastens. (There is a chance that if you dropped it, it may come undone.) Middle: two disposable diapers and wipes. Bottom: the SnoofyBee alone.

As I said though, diaper bags are often very well thought out by cloth mamas (How to pack a diaper bag like a pro).  I have a long, wide, shallow bag.  The SnoofyBee fits easily into my bag, so I just opt to tuck it in and bring the whole thing.  It folds up to about 13”x7”x2”, if you need specifics!


Bottom line: Is the SnoofyBee worth it?

If you are struggling with keeping your baby’s hands out of their diaper area during changes on a regular basis, I would say that this product is absolutely worth it. Yes, it is a stage, and they will eventually grow out of it, but the SnoofyBee definitely takes the hassle and frustration (not to mention the fecal matter in strange places), out of the mix!

To address one last point of concern to some people… I have seen products before that restrain children during diaper changes in one form or another (because let’s face it, this has been a problem for as long as children have been… children). I have read all kinds of comments about how disgusting it is to constrain a child this way, and that it somehow takes away dignity, or treats them like animals. Everyone has the right to an opinion, and I’m not here to bash anyone who feels this way. But it is my belief that as my child’s mother, it’s my job to offer them dignity one way or another. I can offer my child dignity while constrained in his car seat. I can offer my child respect in or out of her high chair. And considering that this product is designed for purposes of family sanitation and hygiene, I could argue that this is offering consideration to my children, because I am working to keep everyone healthy and clean. It just takes a little bit more attention on my part to make sure that my daughter feels comfortable while doing so, and that is something that is easy and worth doing.

Wild About Cloth Diapers Giveaway

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Bummis Duo-Brite All-In-Two Review

All-in-twos (AI2s) are my personal favorite type of cloth diaper. Two-piece systems are less expensive overall, create lighter loads of laundry, and are easier to keep clean since you can strip the inserts separately from the covers if need be. (Inserts can take a beating more easily than covers can.)

The Bummis Duo Brite debuted last spring, and I’ve been using it on my little one since the summer. We’ve moved from the size 1 into the size 2, and it’s a diaper I highly recommend.

Bummis Duo Brite review

What I Love About the Bummis Duo-Brite AI2

Double Leg Gussets: An extra leg gusset can help seal the cover securely around those adorable baby thighs without squeezing too tight. I hate seeing red marks on my little one’s legs, and that doesn’t happen with the Duo-Brite.

Double Row of Waist Snaps: It’s my strong preference to have two rows of snaps at the waist to prevent sagging and shifting.

Two Sizes: Although other brands are consolidating their multiple-size systems into one size, the two-size system is more realistic if you want to cloth diaper from birth to potty training. Whereas “one-size” diapers typically suggest a weight range of 8 to 35 lbs, I’ve found this to be a stretch on both ends of the spectrum. Bummis suggests a weight range of 8 to 20 lbs for size 1 and 20-35 lbs for size 2, and this is actually accurate.

Bummis Duo Brite in size 1 and size 2

What I Would Change

The only thing I don’t loooooooove about the Bummis Duo-Brite AI2 system is the way the insert snaps in. The insert itself is pretty cool – organic cotton on one side or stay-dry polyester on the other, so you can choose which material you want touching baby’s skin. The insert snaps into the front flap of the cover. The problem with this design is that half the insert is tucked under the flap of the cover when snapped into place. For little boys, this may result in wetness seeping through the top portion of the insert and then soaking the material on the inside part of the cover. For girls, it probably isn’t be an issue.

How to use a Bummis Duo Brite insert

Finally, the price point of this AI2 is a bit higher than others, so if you love them as much as I do, you’re probably wishing they were a tad less expensive. The US MSRP on the Bummis Duo Brite Deluxe Pack is $56.95 – which includes one cover and three inserts. This averages out to about $19 per change, which of course is right in line with most pocket diapers and AIOs, but still quite a bit higher than other AI2s. (But never fear – just check my weekly sale list of cloth diaper sales and you might snag a deal… at the time of this writing they are 15% off at Mom’s Milk Boutique!)

Have you tried the Bummis Duo-Brite AI2? How does it work for you? 

Your Kid Can Potty Like a Champion


The other day, I commented to my husband that my absolute least favorite part of parenting so far is potty training. He raised an eyebrow and reminded me that sleeplessness was actually the #1 thing I complain about.

That’s the real truth, y’all.

So potty training is my second least favorite part of parenting.

Last fall, we started letting our toddler try the potty. I was determined to be an overachieving Mom in the potty training realm. I was already rehearsing it in my head – “Now, Courtney, don’t act too smug when you find out that someone else’s two-year-old isn’t potty trained but yours totally is.” 

We made what seemed like good progress at first, but after my c-section I just gave up for a few months and went back to diapers. Now we are back at it (although accidents do happen more often than I’d like). The hardest part right now is the fact that sometimes a simple trip to the potty can turn into a battle of wills. I’m sure you’ve dealt with your share of the “NO NO NO I DON’T WANNA USE THE POTTY I DON’T NEEEEEEEEED TO” shenanigans.

So how can you make the potty a fun experience? I’m not talking about one of those iPad atrocities. Absolutely no way my kid needs to be entertained with a high-end electronic device every time he relieves himself! I refuse.

potty training ipad

So you can imagine how stoked I was when I first heard about the FairCatch by PottyRookie. It’s a football-helmet shaped potty that my sports-obsessed toddler would absolutely go bananas over. It’s simple. It’s adorable! I must have it!

training potty shaped like football helmet

This potty looks comfortable for the child and convenient for the parent to empty and clean. Another nice touch is that the sides have plenty of white space so that the potty can be personalized with your favorite team’s decal stickers!

Potty Rookie is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds necessary to begin manufacturing the FairCatch potty. Check out the video and then head over to their Kickstarter page to check out all the awesome pledge rewards that are available!

And, as a University of Texas alum, I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to include the hilarious photo that inspired the PottyRookie. Hook ’em!


Fun with Boingos

If you’ve ever had someone question your sanity when they discovered that you use (or plan to use) cloth diapers, it’s highly likely that they harken from ye olden days when cloth diapering required pins.

no more diaper pins

If you’re reading this blog you probably realize that modern cloth diapers have come a looooong way since diaper pins. Of course, you’ve got your Velcro and your snap closures, but you can also still use really basic, inexpensive diapers like flats and prefolds without needing pins.

Enter Boingo.

boingo diaper fastener

They’re stretchy. They’re grippy. They’re cute and colorful. And they do an awesome, pinless job at keeping a prefold or a flat diaper fastened securely on baby.

baby wearing boingo

(Pardon the lack of a real baby in the above photo. The real baby in my house wasn’t too keen on staying still enough to have his picture taken properly. Fake Baby FTW!)

Not only are Boingo fasteners totally adorable, but they’ve got a lot of uses besides just cloth diapering.

Sprained your ankle? Forget those ugly metal Ace bandage fasteners. Give your wound some bling with a Boingo!

boingo ace bandage

Need a little something extra for your hairdo? There’s a Boingo for that. (Not that my niece isn’t so stinking cute without any accessories whatsoever, but I must say she totally rocked the Boingo-as-a-hair-accessory look.)

boingo in hair

And I’m sure that you creative ladies could probably figure out tons of other uses for a Boingo long after your baby’s diapering days are done. To win some Boingos of your own, enter the giveaway below!