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How to Launder Cloth Diapers

As cloth diapering moms, we’ve all been there at one time or another… We gleefully order cloth diapers online and anxiously await their arrival in the mailbox only to hear, “What? Another diaper!?” from a distressed husband who just doesn’t understand that we’re actually saving money. In response to the cries of “too many diapers” and the dreaded “budget”, here are some creative ways you can add to your fluff stuff on the sly.

cloth diaper laundering

First things first: Do you shop online? Get your own PayPal. Stat. We are being sneaky here, yes we are. Do you shop locally? Cash is your fast friend. Let’s get started.

make money on etsy

Are you crafty? Got some extra time on your hands? Dust off that sewing machine. Wet those paintbrushes. Un-box your bedazzler. Take all your crafty junk you just made and open an Etsy store. While it does cost a small fee to list items, this could be your avenue to a supplemented income. Hey, you could even make some diaper doublers to sell!

fiverr logo

Sell yourself. Well, sell your skills. is a site that lets freelancers of all types list and sell tasks (known as “gigs”) for five bucks and up. Most of the available gigs on Fiverr are in the realm of graphic design, marketing, and video production, but you can also find funny ones involving adorable little Ewoks, prank callsdancing hot dogs, and messages written in shells, Spaghettios, and other food. There are even a handful of entrepreneurial ladies willing to answer all your cloth diaper questions for $5. Browse the site to get some ideas on what sells. If you have an in-demand skill you can complete quickly, those “fivers” could add up for you.


Ibotta (“I bought a…” – get it?) is an app that allows you to earn cash back on all sorts of purchases. You “unlock” offers by clicking on them and learning about a product. After you make your purchase for an unlocked offer, you do two things to verify your purchase: (1) scan the product barcode, and (2) take a picture of your receipt (or you can link your store loyalty cards to your Ibotta account to bypass this step) .The value of your verified offers accumulates in your Ibotta account until you earn at least $10, and then you can transfer the money to PayPal, put it on an Amazon gift card, or other options.

Get Paid To… Sites

I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t have the time to sit around and answer surveys or watch videos online. Sites like boast easy money for little effort, often offering gift cards in exchange for however many points you manage to rack up (Target gift cards are tops in my book- they carry cloth!). If you have a spare laptop or phone, you can run these indefinitely and meet your goals fairly quickly. If you don’t, it takes a bit of time and a lot of battery power from your mobile device, so get your chargers out.

Swear Jar

If your house is anything like mine, you have a swear jar. My toddler is repeating everything and anything we say, and well, old habits are hard to break. The concept is this: if someone in your home drops the f-bomb or other similar offences, you put money in the jar. Have a flat rate or price per swear if you like. If your husband swears as much as mine does, he won’t notice when some of that cash goes by the wayside.

Cash Back

If all else fails, you can always just grab an extra Jackson as cash back from your grocery shopping trip. It won’t show up on the bank statement and I won’t tell if you don’t.


And don’t forget to make those laundered dollars count by shopping for cloth diapers on sale

Can You Clean Cloth Diapers in the Dishwasher?

As parents we’re all looking to make things easier. Come on: tell me you don’t wish that you could snap your fingers and your house would clean itself, dinner would be ready, and you could have five minutes just to pee and maybe pin a bunch of crafts and recipes on Pinterest you say you’re going to make someday.

So imagine how I felt when I had read that there were other parents out there cleaning their cloth diapers in the dishwasher (or on the stove, or in the microwave). Could it be true? Could I skip the trips down into my dingy, dark, cold, spider-ridden basement? Could I get my diaper laundry done in the time it took me to make dinner?

Cloth diapers in dishwasher

Photo Credit: Between the Kids

Just do a quick search on Google and you can verify that I’m not making this up. A lot of moms are taking their kitchen appliances to the next level, stripping cloth diapers in the dishwasher or sanitizing them in the microwave using steam (similar to those bags for cleaning breast pump parts).

And of course there’s the old standby: boiling cloth diapers, which was a lot more prevalent back when cloth diapers were just basic flats that could stand up to rough treatment.

Listen, folks. Putting cloth diapers in the dishwasher is a huge fire hazard – if a fabric piece falls through and lands on the heating element, that spells trouble.

Effect of dishwasher heating element

This spatula fell onto the heating element of a dishwasher. Imagine if that had been a cloth diaper.

And what about boiling? First of all, don’t boil anything with snaps or PUL – you may just cause some melting of parts that are not meant to be melted. And while you can technically boil flats and prefolds without causing harm to the fabric, just think about the last time you tried multi-tasking in your sleep-deprived “mombie” state, got distracted, and completely abandoned whatever you were doing in the first place. Do you really want your sleeping angel woken up from his nap by the blaring beeps of your smoke detector after your prefolds start smoking in a dried-up pot? I didn’t think so.

boiling cloth diapers

Photo Credit: wikiHow

So why are people so obsessed with using kitchen appliances to clean their cloth diapers?

I blame Pinterest, where everyone celebrates life hacks and anything that’s repurposed. Make ice cream in your food processor! Make hash browns in your waffle iron! Toast nuts in your popcorn popper! Bake bread in your crockpot!

But you know what all the above “hacks” have in common? They use things that are meant for food to make other kids of food.

So I beg you, stick to using your washing machine for cloth diapers and leave your kitchen for its original purpose: cooking food.

TIL: There Is a Thing Called “Pringles Man Bum Placement”

Ok, y’all.

The “bum placement” obsession has always made me laugh, but this takes it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

Today I learned that people are calling this the “Pringles Man Bum Placement” on a bumGenius Martin diaper….

"Pringles Man Bum Placement"... lol

…and referencing it as such in eBay auctions. Does a vague resemblance to a character on a can of stacking chips actually increase the market value of a cloth diaper? Apparently so.


If you absolutely must get yourself a Pringles man bum placement Martin diaper, check out these stores. At the time I posted this, they still had Martins in stock: