Problems Only Cloth Diapering Moms Understand

Ah, the cloth diaper addiction. At first it’s total bliss. You start building your stash and bask in the cuteness. Then life happens and you realize that you have special problems that other people just can’t relate to.

But it’s okay – you’re not alone.

1. Your baby’s favorite foods are blueberries and beets. It’s cute and all, but you know stain-removing frenzy mode is coming.

Is #thewalkingdead hiring for baby zombie extras? This little one just discovered that beets are delectable.

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2. The postal service just changed your mail carrier’s route, making your fluff-mail waiting period longer and more agonizing than before.

I'm waiting

3. You found a new house you love, and it comes with a gorgeous new washer and dryer set. High efficiency, of course.


3. You splurged on some adorable winter cloth diaper prints, and now you’ve gotta figure out creative ways to keep baby warm while still showing off the diaper.

'Tis the season to be Ollie – fa lala lala, lala la la

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5. You share a PayPal account with your husband. At some point he’s going to catch on that you’re no longer “saving money”.

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