GroVia vs Best Bottom All-in-Twos

GroVia vs Best Bottom

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of all-in-two diapers. AI2s are more affordable, take up less space, and generate less diaper laundry than all-in-ones (AIOs) or pocket diapers. Most of my personal cloth diaper stash is made up of AI2 diapers. In this post I’ll compare two popular brands: GroVia and Best Bottom Diapers.

Overall, the GroVia and Best Bottom AI2s are quite similar. Both have rise snaps to make the shell adjustable to fit from infant to toddler; both have both stay-dry and natural fiber inserts. They are priced similarly and are both high-quality diaper systems. When considering GroVia vs Best Bottom, here are a few points to consider:

FeatureGroViaBest Bottom
Shell FeaturesSnap or H&LSnap or H&L
Mesh inner is soft against baby's skinLaminated inner can be wiped clean
Crossover tabsCrossover tabs
No extra leg gussetExtra leg gusset
Three rise settingsFour rise settings
$16.95 each$16.95 each
Insert FeaturesOne-size insert fits in the shell regardless of rise setting; insert has elasticized gussets on sides and is backed with TPU.Inserts come in small, medium, and large sizes, which correspond to the rise setting of the shell.
Stay-Dry InsertsCotton/hemp topped with fleece. Sold as a two-pack for $17.95.Microfiber topped with fleece; Sold as singles for $3.95.
Natural Fiber InsertsOrganic cotton; two for $18.95Cotton/hemp blend; $5.95 each
Hybrid (Disposable) InsertYesNo
Made InChinaUSA
WarrantyOne year60 days
Best Bottom vs GroVia

Inserts (top to bottom) – GroVia stay-dry, GroVia organic cotton, Best Bottom hemp, and Best Bottom stay-dry

Although the GroVia inserts are individually more expensive than the Best Bottom inserts, they are actually less expensive overall when you consider the fact that you will have to buy Best Bottom inserts in multiple sizes:

  • Price of four GroVia stay-dry inserts (2 x $17.95) = $35.90
  • Price of four Best Bottom stay-dry inserts in each size (4 x $3.95 x 3) = $47.40
  • Price of four GroVia organic cotton inserts (2 x $18.95) = $37.90
  • Price of four Best Bottom cotton/hemp inserts in each size (4 x $5.95 x 3) = $71.40

Overall, these are both awesome diapering systems. I personally find that GroVia fits my toddler better around the waist, but Best Bottom does make waist extender tabs to allow the diaper to fit much longer.

Which AI2 system do you prefer – Best Bottom or GroVia? Cast your vote below and elaborate in the comments!
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  1. I was never a huge fan of either system, but just wanted to say that I LOVE the poll at the end of the post (and your chart was great, too! Just an overall fabulous looking post!) 🙂

  2. I just don’t get the mesh inside grovias. I use best bottoms and you can wipe out the inside (or not) after a change and reuse. I feel like the grovia mesh is going to absorb urine and stink more before the next wash than best bottoms.

  3. Thank you! Great,concise and informative post!

  4. Thank you! Great,concise and informative post!

  5. Your observation about the Best Bottom actually costing a lot more in the long wrong cinched the sale to GroVia.


  6. @Vanessa I know some cloth diapering parents who noticed that direct PUL exposure on their baby’s skin caused some irritation; not only does Grovia use TPU instead of PUL as a waterproof layer, but the mesh means no direct exposure regardless of material used. I agree, it makes the covers somewhat less reusable, I guess the trick is to use the heavier soaker pads to contain as much mess as possible. I really wish there was a diaper cover out there that used TPU without the mesh, that would be ideal.

    My baby is on the way, due in a few weeks, and I’m still on the fence as to what system to use. I’m leaning towards Grovia because I like the snap in inserts and the greener materials used in the diapers, but I’m going to use a local diaper service for the first month or so; they provide a variety of covers so I can see what fits our LO best before committing to a big purchase.

    • Caitlin says:

      Maybe too late, but if you are going for “green”, I’d say best bottoms are the way to go! Hemp is way less resource-intensive to produce than cotton, and best bottoms are made in the USA instead of China which means no crazy shipping across the world! Probably better labor practices. I used the GroVia system, and am not a fan for many reasons. Haven’t tried best bottoms, but a friend swears by them!