Guide to the Best Fitted Diapers of 2013

Have you used or considered using fitted cloth diapers? Are you new to cloth diapers and just trying to sort out what a fitted is? Look no further! I’ve compiled a handy, 3-page PDF guide to show you all the features of the best fitted diapers you can find!

Here’s a sneak peek at the twelve fitteds that made my list! I’m sure you recognize a few…

Collage of the best fitted diapers of 2013

This free, downloadable PDF guide lists my twelve favorite fitted cloth diapers, where they’re made, the price, sizing ranges, types of closures available, the absorbent material used, whether or not the rise is adjustable, and whether or not the waist has crossover tabs.

Looking for a one-size, made-in-the-USA fitted diaper? Or a hook-and-loop closure fitted with an adjustable rise? Check the Diaper Wrecker 2013 guide to fitted diapers – you’ll find what you’re looking for! Click here to download the guide with all the details on the best fitted diapers out there!

(And in case you missed any of my other free cloth diaper product guides, check out the archives here!)


  1. Good comprehensive list with a variety of costs and fabrics! All my faves are on here (sbish OBF, bamboozle, kiwi pie, workhorse). The bamboozle has a hidden microfiber core. You may want to note that in the fabric section of your table.

  2. I think I’m in heaven after viewing this. So many options.We have been using Wonderful Bambino Fitteds and LOVE THEM. I always heard Bamboozle’s were great as well, but heard you can’t buy them anymore 🙁

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