All in Two Diaper Guide for 2013

All in two diapers (AI2s) – what’s not to love? They last longer, generate less diaper laundry, and are more economical than pockets and all-in-ones. Each brand has a slightly different system with slightly different choices, so I’ve compiled one handy guide that compares the best all in twos available. In one quick glance you can compare where they’re made, sizing, pricing, closures, insert options, and more! Download the free PDF guide by clicking here.


How many inserts per cover you need for your all-in-two system will depend on your baby’s age. Babies who are not yet eating solid foods tend to have messier diapers, which may require you to wash the covers more frequently. Therefore, in the early months, you might find yourself in need of three inserts per cover, but later, you can go through as many as five or six inserts before needing to wash the cover. Covers contain the more delicate materials (elastic and laminate), so washing causes wear and tear on these components. By using an all-in-two system, you can keep your cloth diapers in better condition for longer than is possible with other systems that require washing after every single use. Hopefully this means you can resell them for more, or use them on more than one child!

For cost comparison purposes, I ran numbers assuming purchasing six inserts per cover in the full range of available sizes to fit a baby from newborn to potty training (hypothetically). Six was the easiest number of inserts to calculate because some brands’ inserts are sold in packages of two, three, or six.

Even the most expensive option averages out to $19.99 per change, which is right in line with the price of a typical pocket diaper or AIO.

Cost per change of AI2 diapers

  • gDiapers – $19.99 per diaper change. Includes covers in small, medium, and large at $17.99 each, plus two six-packs of gCloth at $32.99 (NB/S and M/L/XL sizes).
  • Best Bottom – $14.68 per diaper change. Includes one shell at $16.95, plus six stay-dry microfiber inserts in S, M, and L at $3.95 each.
  • GroVia – $11.80 per diaper change. Includes one shell at $16.95 with three 2-packs of stay-dry soakers at $17.95 each.
  • SoftBums – $11.56 per diaper change. Includes one Echo shell at $21.95, six small DryTouch pods at $2.95 each, and six large DryTouch pods at $4.95 each.
  • Flip – $7.48 per diaper change. Includes one cover at $14.95 with two 3-packs of stay-dry inserts at $14.95 each.


Are you a fan of all in two diapers? If so, what’s your favorite system and why?


  1. We use GroVia AI2s and love them! Very absorbent, yet trim. And really cute designs!

  2. Love this! Thanks for the breakdown in price. I have yet to try an All-in-Two diaper system. We have pockets, but would love to try the Flip diapers!

  3. Psychsarah says:

    Love my Flips! They’re all we’ve used in 2 years, and are happily waiting to use them with Baby #2. Affordable and effective-what more could you want?

  4. hollie n. says:

    i am one of those weird ones that love gdiapers. i have never used the gcloth though. i put econobum prefolds in mine (small fold) and it makes for a super absorbent and very affordable diaper.

  5. Carolyn Sutherland says:

    I love my gdiapers! I really wish you sold them. Just as an added tip though you can often get gdiapers much cheaper than $17.99 if you buy on sale. And I use glitch which fit great and are so much slimmer than my next favorite cloth diapers which are bum genius.

  6. Hi there, the SoftBums DryTouch large pods are only $4.95

    • Hi Michelle! Thanks; I must have been looking at the bamboo pod price. The calculation is updated! 🙂

  7. I love All-in-twos and was excited to see your diaper guide! Thank you! My daughter is potty trained now but we used GroBaby All-in-twos from birth. I liked them a lot except they were bulky on smaller settings.

    I thought Softbums Echo inserts snap-in, is that right? In the pdf it says lays in.

  8. We LOVE our SoftBums!! They were a godsend for our 8lb newborn and are still our favorite fitting diaper currently at 16 months!!

    • I’m so glad to hear they worked on your newborn. I absolutely love SoftBums on my 19-month old, and it’s the only “one-size” diaper that actually looks like it could fit a newborn. I have a new baby on the way and can’t wait to see how they fit on a newborn for myself.

  9. We use SoftBums echo shells with SoftBums one size bamboo super pods and LOVE them! My husband is not even intimidated to use them. I also love the month limited addition print… I am addicted!

  10. Nice analysis! Although personally, there’s no way my toddler could have done a 6:1 ratio–poop nearly always got on the cover, even when she was over 2. We always needed a 3:1 ratio on grovia. I just linked your analysis on my Facebook page 🙂

    • Thanks! I agree, 6:1 is a bit of a stretch for most babies – it’s just the easiest number to calculate given that some inserts are sold in packs of 6, some in twos, and some in threes!

  11. We use grovia hybrids and these are my go to daily wear diaper. Love them!

  12. Loving Grovia for my little guy. Also using prefolds during the day and the Grovia stay dry insert for overnight. The prefolds work really well and are a much more economical option.

  13. I’m in the “research” phase of cloth diapering, and I am a little confused…what is the difference between the AI2 and the pocket diaper? Those two types seem like what I am most interested in, but I guess I don’t thoroughly understand the difference. Any help would be appreciated:)

    • courtney says:

      Both pocket diapers and AI2s utilize inserts (although sometimes they are referred to as “soakers” or “pods” for AI2s). The main difference is that for an AI2 diaper, the insert lays on top of the cover, allowing you to re-use the cover as long as it doesn’t get wet or dirty. With a pocket diaper, you stuff the insert in between the waterproof layer and the stay-dry layer. Therefore, after one use, you’ll need to wash both pieces.