“Accessorize Your Stash” Giveaway


Welcome to the “Accessorize Your Stash in August” Giveaway Hop, hosted by So Easy Being Green and According to Jenny!  I’ve teamed up with a group of cloth diaper-loving bloggers to help you learn about (and hopefully win) some great accessories that make cloth diapering easy and fun. After you enter the Diaper Wrecker giveaway below, enjoy hopping around to see what each blog has in store for you and your stash!

My personal favorite cloth diaper accessories are the ones that reside on my changing table and get used on a daily basis – cloth wipes, scented wipe spray, and cloth-friendly ointment. Of course, when I started using cloth diapers, I thought cloth wipes were weird and gross, but I quickly changed my mind and decided they were actually easy, frugal, and super gentle on delicate baby skin (you can even make your own, easy custom wipe solutions).

The prize package, which retails for $25+, is awaiting your entries from now until August 28! Open to US residents, this giveaway includes…

DW-OMD Accessories giveaway

Here’s why I particularly love these three products:

  1. GroVia cloth wipes – oh-so-soft and far sturdier than any flimsy disposable wipe 
  2. Thirsties Booty Luster Wipe Spray – smells faintly of lavender and will leave your baby’s bottom fresh and clean
  3. CJ’s Stick o’ BUTTer – handy like a glue stick, keeping Mama’s hands clean and baby’s bottom protected from rash (without causing repelling in your diapers like some ointments!)

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