Easy Homemade Baby Wipe Solutions

Homemade Cloth Wipe Solution

When I was pregnant and excited about the idea of using cloth diapers, my thoughts about cloth wipes could be summed up in one word: “Gross!” 

After just a few weeks of hands-on experience using cloth diapers with disposable wipes, I discovered a few things: (1) Disposable wipes are irritatingly flimsy and usually caused my hands to get messy; (2) Disposable wipes will end up costing much more than cloth wipes; and (3) It’s no easy task to keep one hand on the baby while putting the wipes in the trash and the diaper in the pail. Maybe if I had three arms.

When I switched to cloth wipes I fell in love with the awesome scents of the spray solutions that I tried. My favorite ready-made wipe spritzes are Kissaluvs Lotion Potion and Thirsties Booty Luster. However, I recently noticed that I had all the basic ingredients for homemade solutions so I decided to whip up some batches and see what I could come up with myself.

There are four types of ingredients you can use in your homemade baby wipe solutions:

Liquids. This is really the only critical ingredient. There are plenty of people who simply use water and like it that way. Witch hazel is also commonly used; just note that the cheapest witch hazel in your local drugstore is probably about 14% alcohol which could sting if baby was ever battling a bad rash. You can also buy more expensive, alcohol-free witch hazel.

1 - Liquids

Soaps. I like using a little liquid soap in my solution because it helps get the skin really clean after a messy diaper, and I can use a soap that smells good as a built-in fragrance. If your baby has sensitive skin, be sure to use a soap that doesn’t bother his/her skin. Pure castile soap, such as the Dr. Bronner’s pictured below, is usually a good pick for sensitive skin.

2 - Soaps

Skin Nourishers. These ingredients help make the wipes glide smoothly along and keep baby’s skin nice and soft. Don’t worry, you won’t be using enough to cause repelling in your diapers. Coconut oil is a nice option as well, but only if the temperature in your house will be 76-78 degrees (F) regularly; otherwise it will solidify.

3 - Skin Nourishers

Fragrances. There are endless possibilities with essential oils! With a few of my concoctions, though, I went overboard on fragrances so I’ve decided that just a mild scented soap is good enough for me.

4 - Fragrances

You can decide exactly what you want to put in yours depending on what you have on hand, how much you want to spend on stuff you don’t have on hand, and how sensitive your baby’s skin is.

Here’s the basic formula that works for me. Instead of giving absolute measurements, I find it easier to just use parts so that it can be scaled to whatever size batch is needed.

Basic Wipe Solution Formula:
• 5-8 parts liquid
• ½ to 1 part soap
• 1-2 parts skin nourishers
• Essential oils – just a few drops

Because I like to keep my wipe solution in a spritz bottle on the changing table next to a stack of dry wipes and a carafe of hot water, and because I wanted to try a lot of small batches, I bought 3-oz spray bottles. Here are my two favorite mixes:

Pamper the Skin Mix – just fills a 3-oz bottle
• 4 Tbsp distilled water (hot)
• 1 Tbsp aloe witch hazel
• 1 Tbsp Skin Milk foaming bath
• 1 Tbsp shea baby oil
• 2 vitamin E capsules

Plain & Simple Mix – makes about 2 oz
• 8 tsp distilled water (hot)
• 2 tsp witch hazel
• 1 tsp California Baby shampoo/bodywash
• 1 tsp aloe vera gel
• 1 tsp olive oil

What are your favorite ingredients to use in wipe solutions? Do you store your wipes wet or dry?

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  1. I love solutions that use witch hazel and have an antifungal agent to help us stave off any yeast problems through the hot summer; so I commonly do water, witch hazel, Aveeno baby wash, and two drops of tea tree oil. We keep wipes in the solution in a wipe warmer, so I only make up enough at a time to be used in a couple days. My son has a fascination with spray bottles, so that is no longer an option for us unless I want to find two wet dogs running around the house being chased by a toddler…

    When they are empty, I wash the warmer out in the sink with soap and water, and repeat!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I know this post is old, but would you mind sharing the measurements you use for your recipe?

  2. Ashley F says:

    We use a wipe warmer to keep our wipes damp and ready to go. First, I fill the warmer (Munchkin brand from Target) about 1/3 with warm water, a few drops of Dr. Bronner’s Lavender soap and a glob (very precise measurement!) of coconut oil. The C.O. actually melts quickly with warm water and stays that way in the warmer and we don’t have to rely on our house being warm enough for it to be in a liquid state. I usually make around a dozen wipes at a time, which lasts us about a day. We also regularly clean out the warmer to keep bacteria/musty smells at bay!

  3. Pinned this! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jessica says:

    Does it have to be distilled water? What happens if you use regular tap water?

    • Jessica says:

      Also- is it safe to wash the wipes with cloth diapers after being soaked in these solutions?

  5. Using tap water will eventually mold your product. Use distilled or boil your tap water.

  6. How long does this solution last before having to be thrown away?


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