From Hybrid Diapers to Handwashing

I just arrived home this evening from a five-day trip to Texas to visit family and attend a wedding. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I didn’t use cloth diapers on our trip. It wasn’t feasible for a number of reasons, and even though I’m a huge cloth diaper advocate, I’m also practical and see no need to feel guilty for using disposables on occasion as a convenience.


Cloth diapers have unleashed a little bit of diaper snobbishness in me. Ok, a lot. While I felt no guilt about using disposables for a few days from a cost or environmental perspective, I had serious qualms about the ugliness factor. In my mind, mainstream disposable diapers look like wrap-around maxi pads. I’m spoiled by the vibrant colors and adorable prints of cloth diapers.

Enter hybrid diapers. You may have read about them on my Cloth Diaper Systems page, but in case not, allow me to bring you up to speed. Hybrid diapers are a specific type of all-in-two (AI2) diaper that can accomodate either cloth or disposable inserts. This is a brilliant beyond brilliant idea, because you can take advantage of the convenience of disposables while maintaining the illusion of cloth. I present to you the perfect solution for using disposables incognito!

For our trip, we brought along a mix of gDiapers disposable inserts (which lay inside the sized gPant) and GroVia biosoakers (which stick to the GroVia One-Size Hybrid Shell). Both types of inserts are biodegradable, and we never had any troubles with leaks. I was one happy mama!

gDiapers and GroVia hybrids

Now, the irony.

Tomorrow is the start of the Dirty Diaper Laundry Flats & Handwashing Challenge, and I’m participating. What was I thinking??? I need to catch up on laundry from our trip, go grocery shopping, plan meals, catch up on work, and just catch up on things in general. And on top of that, I’ll be making MacGyver diapers out of t-shirts and washing them by hand.

Stay tuned to find out how this goes…

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  1. Jessica Long says:

    First off I love your blog! I will start CDing baby number 2 in October when he is done “cooking”
    Now I am super excited to find out that the Gdiaper disposables fit inside of the grovia shells (I have 3 and I am laughing at the following statements “looks like a wrap around maxi pad” “diaper snob” and what I am calling DIAPER KARMA! lol I love this post! hope you post about your flats challenge, with photos!

    • courtney says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Jessica!! To clarify, I didn’t use the gDiaper inserts inside the GroVia shells. My son was in a size large gPant, which requires the M/L disposable insert. The gDiaper M/L disposable insert is much too long to fit in the GroVia shell. It might work to pair a size small gDiaper disposable insert with a GroVia shell, but I’m not certain.

  2. Kenda Wathen says:

    We did the flats and handwashing challenge last year. We even did it while camping with a 10 month old. This year though, hubby vetoed that wanting me to be able to do more while camping. So this year we are using g diapers and the disposable inserts. I am using them with other covers as well to stretch what I have for the 4 days we will be away.

  3. Hahaha, I feel the same way about disposable diapers! We have them on hand for babysitters and stuff, but they always look so sad and PLASTIC-Y (instead of fluffy and comfy!) We’ve had some really epic poosplosions with disposables on road trips, though, so now I do my homemade hybrid version – disposable diaper with a diaper cover over it 😉 I have to size down the covers to make up for the lack of fluff, but so far it keeps the poop from oozing all over the car seat! 😉